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Our public education system is a complete and chronic failure, and the people in charge need to be reminded of that every day! These same educated idiots are now telling our children to Mask Up even though the psychological damage is bordering on child abuse.

Today our kids, our precious kids, are sent to these schools to be “Dumb-Downed” or, even worse, taught crap! They teach them to be ashamed of the color of their skin. They teach Marxism is great and America is BAD. Communism is GOOD, and Capitalism is BAD.

The result, our kids, our precious children that we entrusted to this system, come out STUPID, NO CONFIDENCE, and HATE our wonderful America. Now we fight back!

With the help of Freedom Fate Technology, you can now send a STRONG message to all of your politicians from the highest level of Congress down to your state representatives, your local representatives, and YES, even the School Boards. And you can do this in less than two minutes. It is high time to Make Education GREAT Again (MEGA).

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    Freedom Technology did all the heavy lifting to reach all of your representatives nationally and locally. Now it is as easy as writing a message to your politicians and hit submit and wait for the answer, be assured with our one million + members they will answer.


    I and you know that to find a real and honest POLL you have to look high and low, but our POLLS are based on two things: REAL & HONEST. You can vote in our POLL or if you like you can create your own POLL and send it out to everyone you know to participate. Great idea and we welcome you to come join us.


    Here at Freedom Technology we know a lot about politics and everything we designed was to impact or get the attention of our “Public Servants”. Nothing gets the government's attention than a solid well written Petition with 1000’s of informed citizens signing it. This rings true today more than ever.


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